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Ancor Capital Partners
Ancor Capital Partners is a Dallas, Texas based private equity firm focused on helping companies reach their next level of growth. Ancor’s experienced team has the acumen, expertise, and resources to invest wisely in existing successful companies through private equity buyouts. As a seasoned operating partner, Ancor works to operationally optimize businesses, maximize growth opportunities, and instill a lasting culture. With a proven track record of over 50 successful acquisitions to date, Ancor targets healthcare, consumer staples, industrial manufacturing, automotive, and emerging market businesses with an EBITDA of $5-$15 million. For more information about Ancor, visit

Artists for Animals
Artists for Animals is a non-profit organization created by photographer Teresa Berg and Dallas Symphony Orchestra’s Principal Oboe, Erin Hannigan to combine their talents with many other artists, sculptors, musicians, writers and animal lovers to support animal rescue charities in North Texas.

Banner Oak Capital Partners
Banner Oak Capital Partners, LP is a fully-integrated real estate investment management firm, focused on value creation and capital preservation across market cycles through active management and a commitment to the highest standards of excellence. The Banner Oak principals have been active in the real estate acquisition, ownership and investment business for over 30 years. Banner Oak was launched in 2016 from its predecessor firm, Hunt Realty Investments, an active, private investor in real estate since 1991. Banner Oak currently has more than $1.3 billion in assets under management and has the requisite infrastructure in place to capitalize on and effectively manage complex and innovative strategies. Banner Oak utilizes a research-driven approach with an emphasis on the creation of value through active management, risk control and creativity.

App-based billyGO is revolutionizing plumbing/HVAC service and repair by putting customers in charge of their time with service by APPointment. The proprietary mobile app, powered by Service Shift, manages all aspects of the business including 24/7 scheduling, algorithm-based dispatching, transparent flat-rate pricing, immediate invoicing and secure payment processing. billyGO offers full-service plumbing and HVAC services with flat rates and guaranteed pricing while employing skilled tradesmen who do not work for commission and therefore focus on serving, not selling. With a 99% response rate to their guaranteed one-hour appointment window and zero dispatch fees, billyGO is streamlining the plumbing and HVAC industries while passing cost savings back to their customers. State Plumbing License 38424 Jeff Sims RMP –TACLB41879E.

Community Council
Since its founding in 1940, the Community Council has identified services that are needed in the community, assessed how best services could be delivered to meet social issues, and mobilized and implemented action plans working in concert with its member agencies and public sector resources. Pervasive issues over time have included juvenile delinquency and welfare; seniors; public health; daycare; and legislative advocacy. The Community Council met these challenges through fact-based research, deploying volunteers, incubating new services and agencies, expanding government programs where appropriate, convening collaborative work and delivering selected direct services.

Crain Lewis Brogdon LLP
With more than 25 years of combined trial experience, Crain Lewis Brogdon, LLP are able to bring an exceptional level of tenacity and knowledge to every case they handle. Specializing in criminal, wrongful death, serious injury, medical malpractice, and personal injury the firm’s skilled litigators are dedicated to ensuring every client is protected. Backed by thousands of satisfied clients and countless successful cases, Crain Lewis Brogdon, LLP are a trusted, respected law firm in the state. For more information, go to or call 214-301-5007.

CTL Medical Corporation
CTL Medical Corporation ( was established in 2015 by Daniel Chon, former president & CEO of AccelSPINE, with the vision of creating a fully integrated, industry leading, global medical device design, development and manufacturing company. With that vision in mind, CTL Medical Corporation assembled a world class executive team, bringing together some of the industry's most exceptional talent. That assembly of talent helped the company realize the recent acquisitions of both RF Precision Manufacturing, a Dallas based medical device manufacturer, and AccelSPINE, a nationally recognized medical device developer. This combination of manufacturing and development resources further extends CTL Medical Corporation's position as a leader in medical device design, manufacturing and service.

Dillon Gage Metals
Dillon Gage Inc. of Dallas (, founded in 1976, companies include: Dillon Gage Metals one of the world's largest precious metals wholesale trading firms. The firm is an authorized purchaser for all major world mints and maintains inventory in over 20 countries around the world. FizTrade Online Trading ( offers real-time bid/ask trading platform for gold, silver, platinum and palladium, Digital Metals delivers advanced tools and technologies that enable market participants to be more successful in their businesses. Digital Metals offers cloud-based solutions for the physical precious metals marketplace built upon the Digital Metals Platform. Dillon Gage Refining is comprised of professional assayers and refiners of precious metal scrap, from low grade to karat scrap. Stone removal services and diamond experts on staff. International Depository Services Group with locations in Delaware, and Ontario, Canada and offers secure, efficient and insured precious metals and certified coin depositories that focus of custom business logistics solutions which include storage, fulfillment, inventory managements and many other value added services.

Goodway Group
Goodway Group is a leading managed-services programmatic partner to local, regional and Fortune 500 brand agencies. Bootstrapped and 100 percent privately owned since 1929, Goodway moved into the programmatic digital media space in 2006 to continue its rich history of tackling complex local and regional campaign executions with data science-driven targeting and support services to make achieving success easy for agency clients. Its proprietary algorithms pair with a technology-agnostic approach to enable agencies and marketers to achieve their ultimate goal - better results while remaining lean and nimble.

Heroes for Children
Heroes for Children, a Texas nonprofit organization, provides a community of support, including social and financial assistance, to Texas families with a child (aged 0 to 22) battling cancer. Since 2004, Heroes for Children has given nearly $6 million to 6,000 families. Working with every hospital in Texas treating pediatric cancer, Heroes for Children provides emergency financial assistance directly to families in need. They are the only organization in the state that provides financial assistance for fertility preservation and funerals. Because the impact of childhood cancer is felt by the entire family, program events in DFW, Houston, San Antonio and Austin provide activities for the whole household. Heroes for Children ensures that no family fights alone.

IDS Group
About International Depository Services Group International Depository Services Group ( with locations in Delaware (; 888-322-6150), Ontario, Canada (; 855-362-2431), and Texas ( All IDS locations offer secure, efficient and insured precious metals and certified coin depositories that focus on custom business logistics solutions including storage, fulfillment, inventory management and many other value-added services, including cryptocurrency cold storage.

Jeff Gusky/The Hidden World of WWI
The Hidden World of WWI is a collection of recent black-and-white photographs revealing the haunting presence of WWI underground cities and century-old surface remnants that make 100 years ago seem like yesterday. The collection includes thousands of photographs of a world frozen in time on battlefields and in forgotten underground rock quarries, adjacent to the front-line trenches that were quickly transformed into modern underground cities complete with power plants, rail, telecommunications, housing, chapels, hospitals, and an abundance of art and handwritten inscriptions. This hidden world shows us how soldiers on both sides of the conflict held onto their humanness while modern mass destruction raged above ground. You can find samples of the collection at Follow The Hidden World of WWI on Facebook, Instagram and on Twitter, where a new photograph will be revealed each day through 2019, the end of the WWI centenary.

Legacy ER & Urgent Care
Founded in 2008, Legacy ER & Urgent Care ( is one of the nation's first stand-alone health care models to offer both urgent care and emergency room treatment options under one roof. It has built an exceptional customer service program and rating by providing transparent billing, soothing environments and one-on-one service with board-certified, emergency-trained physicians. Patients have access to immediate, on-site emergency room equipment and only pay emergency care prices when it is truly an emergency.

Night Media
Night Media is a talent management and digital marketing agency specializing in influencer marketing, gaming, esports, technology and lifestyle activations. Founded by Reed Duchscher, a former sports agent turned digital talent manager, the company’s influencer roster garners over 600 million views per month. Night Media’s talent representation includes Typical Gamer, Ssundee, Preston and Crainer. For more information on Night Media go to

Operation Kindness
Founded in 1976, Operation Kindness is the original and largest no-kill animal shelter in North Texas. Its mission is to care for homeless cats and dogs in a no-kill environment until each is adopted into a responsible home. As an advocate for humane values and behaviors, Operation Kindness has been able to save more than 105,000 animals since its inception. The shelter assists more than 5,000 cats and dogs each year, caring for an average of 400 animals daily.

Pitch PR
The Dallas Entrepreneur Center (DEC) partnered with Dallas-based TrizCom Public Relations to open Pitch PR - Powered by TrizCom PR, a firm dedicated to promoting the innovation and news generated by the startup scene thriving in Dallas. This unique partnership, a first for the city, enables members of the growing entrepreneurial scene to benefit from public relations experts. Pitch PR's understanding of this emerging and vibrant market will support the business development its clients while engaging the media through unique PR strategies.

Red Mountain Weight Loss
Since 1997, Red Mountain Weight Loss has become the leader in non-surgical methods of sustainable medical weight loss, providing expert care under the direction of bariatric physicians. Founded by Dr. Suzanne Bentz, board-certified in obesity medicine and weight management, Red Mountain Weight Loss has provided professional care for tens of thousands of patients. Their medically-proven programs are individualized to meet each patient’s needs and offer a unique collection of services and products for effective weight loss and weight maintenance. Red Mountain Weight Loss is the inventor of RM3, a comprehensive 3-step program featuring a patented prescription medication that offers rapid weight loss and lifetime maintenance, as well as RM Lifestyle, a flexible weight loss and maintenance program. Red Mountain Weight Loss clinics are in Arizona and Texas. Further information is available at

SocialCentiv - turning conversations into customers, in real time, with real results. Founded in 2008, SocialCentiv's patented software allows enterprises, agencies and small- to medium-size businesses (SMBs) to mine Twitter for prospective customers. Using keywords and location, SocialCentiv's system finds relevant conversations so a business can respond in real time with an incentive. The tool has an average 34 percent or higher conversion rate, defined as a downloaded offer. Restaurant and hospitality users have seen more than a 100 percent success rate, thanks to the software's patented marketing automation.

Solis Mammography
With more than 30 years in breast screening, Solis Mammography is a specialized healthcare provider focused on delivering patients an exceptional experience and exceptionally accurate results in mammography and screening services. Headquartered in Addison, Texas, Solis operates 48 centers across seven major markets – Columbus, Ohio; Greensboro, North Carolina; Houston; North Texas; Philadelphia; Phoenix; and, through its affiliated brand Washington Radiology, Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia. The company operates both wholly-owned centers and multiple successful joint ventures with hospital partners. Serving more than 700,000 patients each year, both Solis Mammography and Washington Radiology offer dedicated experts in breast screening and diagnostic mammography – 2-D and 3-D, breast ultrasound, stereotactic biopsy and ultrasound-guided biopsy. In addition, Washington Radiology offers a full range of diagnostic services including general ultrasound, general biopsy, X-ray, MRI and CT screening. For more information, visit

Sports Video Innovations
Sports Video Innovations (SVI) launched in January 2014 to revolutionize the way sporting events are viewed and experienced, starting with football and the SchuttVision helmet. For the first time, a rugged, high-definition video camera fits into the nose bumper of a football helmet to provide the unique player's point of view coaches, fans and broadcasters have been seeking. SchuttVision is approved by the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE).

Taco Bueno
Taco Bueno is committed to creating an authentic Tex-Mex experience. Taco Bueno is passionate about providing better tasting Tex-Mex, prepared daily with fresh, hand-selected ingredients. Founded in 1967 in Abilene, Texas, Taco Bueno operates 182 restaurants in Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana. The company is privately owned by TPG Growth. Learn more about Taco Bueno by visiting or

Taylor's Gift
Taylor's Gift is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Taylor's Gift was founded in 2010 with a mission to 'Regift Life, Renew Health and Restore Families' by increasing official organ donor registries. Taylor's Gift Foundation provides Scholarships to graduating seniors and has a one of a kind Legacy Gift program to help families touched by organ donation who are faced with financial difficulties.

TrizCom PR
In TrizCom, organizations ranging from corporations to nonprofits to start-ups gain a team of savvy PR professionals who think creatively and develop truly innovative communications ideas that build buzz and raise brand awareness for our clients. Working with TrizCom is the difference between PR that’s box-checking and PR that’s groundbreaking. Combining best practices and best thinking, we empower communications with bigger, bolder ideas that break through clutter and achieve results for our clients. That’s what happens when you partner with a team with 178 years of combined experience in the field – and a track record of client successes.

True REST Float Spa
True REST Float Spa is a world's largest float spa brand. With over 70 awarded franchised locations across the country it is on its way to servicing one million floats. True REST Float Spa has created a luxury float spa experience in 10 inches of water and one thousand pounds of Epsom Salts. Client float effortlessly in their float suite. Each True REST Float Spa location is dedicated to providing pain relief, relaxation and better sleep through a 60-minute float session. True REST Float Spa offers monthly memberships programs and packages. For more information go to: For Franchising opportunities go to:

Invented by company founder and CEO Rob Vito, Unequal® is military-grade protection that has been modified for sport. With over 100 patents in the U.S. and abroad, Unequal is fortified with technology like no other. From the World Cup to the NFL to collegiate and high school players, Unequal protects the best. Unequal is well on its way to becoming a standard in football, soccer and other high-impact sports. Their military-grade composites are built with TriDur™, Accelleron® and optional ImpacShield™. This ultra-light, ultra-thin athletic gear works differently than virtually every other traditional foam and plastic of equal weight and thickness on the market by absorbing, dispersing and dissipating energy from an impact away from the body to provide the ultimate protection. It allows for greater protection without compromising mobility, so athletes can play more at their peak level. The award-winning Unequal has more than 100 patents. To learn more about Unequal products or Unequal, visit

Vic Keller
Vic Keller is a visionary leader, public speaker and investor with more than 20 years of experience in establishing, growing and operationally optimizing national and international companies. His innate entrepreneurial spirit has helped businesses transform and grow by converting strategic plans into tactical realities and creating strong cultural foundations. Many of his companies were successfully acquired by Berkshire Hathaway Inc. in 2015, when Vic assumed senior executive responsibilities for Berkshire Hathaway Automotive. There, he oversaw several operating departments in the multibillion-dollar organization. In December 2017, he joined the private equity firm Ancor Capital Partners as managing partner. Vic’s current portfolio is comprised of 11 companies ranging from biotech to industrial manufacturing. For more information on Vic Keller, go to

Workforce Solutions Greater Dallas
Workforce Solutions Greater Dallas is the local organization mandated to implement a system of services that complement economic development - as a resource for employers to access the quality employees they need, and training individuals to be successfully employed. Workforce Solutions administers a broad range of programs to address local workforce issues with business-directed objectives, including job training, workplace education, child care and educational initiatives to provide the necessary support for every citizen of Greater Dallas to be successful at work.

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